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January 12, 2012 – Vol. 4 Issue 2

Aloha Market Friend!

You may have noticed all the citrus coming to the market these last weeks. We are smack dab in the middle of Citrus Season, and that means the sweetest, juiciest oranges are perfectly ripe and ready for my juicer! And the lemons, tangerines and limes are finding their way into salad dressings, marinades and desserts! When you select your citrus, turn off the voice in your head telling you to find the prettiest fruit and search for the mottled ugly ones… they are packed with flavor!  Such a taste treat! The glass below is from TWO oranges!

We will see you this weekend at Ala Moana Farmers’ Market (Saturday 8-12), Hawaii Kai Farmers’ Market (Saturday 9-1) and Haleiwa Farmers’ Market (Sunday 9-1)!


 food democracy now

On December 4, 2011, farmers and activists from across the country joined the Occupy Wall Street Farmers March for “a celebration of community power to regain control over the most basic element to human well-being: food.”

The Farmers March began at La Plaza Cultural Community Gardens where urban and rural farmers addressed an excited crowd about the growing problems in our industrial food system and the promise offered by solutions based in organic, sustainable and community based food and agricultural production. This was followed by a 3-mile march from the East Village to Zuccotti Park, the birthplace of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

To see the inspirational video of family farmers… click here

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