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Farmers’ Market News
October 15, 2014 – Vol. 6 Issue 39

Aloha FarmLovers-

Please check our FaceBook (Kakaako, Pearlridge, KailuaTown, Haleiwa) pages and Twitter (@farmlovers) account as we approach the weekend markets. We are carefully watching the activity of Hurricane Ana and will post on our pages should we cancel any upcoming markets. Until notification… we will be open. We are hoping Ana loses steam and veers off!

Small-Scale Traditional Farming Is the Only Way to Avoid Food Crisis, UN Researcher Says

New scientific research increasingly shows how “agroecology” offers environmentally sustainable methods that can meet the rapidly growing demand for food.

by Nafeez Ahmed, for The Ecologist

Modern industrial agricultural methods can no longer feed the world, due to the impacts of overlapping environmental and ecological crises linked to land, water, and resource availability. The stark warning comes from the new United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Hilal Elver, in her first public speech since being appointed by the U.N. in June.

“Food policies which do not address the root causes of world hunger would be bound to fail,” she told a packed audience in Amsterdam.

One billion people globally are hungry, she declared, before calling on governments to support a transition to “agricultural democracy” which would empower rural small farmers. continue reading

What Happens When Second Graders Are Treated to a Seven-Course, $220 Tasting Meal


Haleiwa Farmers’ Market (Thursday 3-7)
Pearlridge Farmers’ Market (Saturday 8-12)
Kakaako Farmers’ Market (Saturday 8-12)
KailuaTown Farmers’ Market (Sunday 8:30-12)

 for information on the 4000 parking spaces available for Kaka’ako Farmers’ Market & the Ward Warehouse click here.




Here’s your chance to learn how to make delicious jams and jellies to share with family and friends this holiday season.  Certified Hawaii Master Food Preserver, Kalen Kelekoma will be coming from Kauai to teach this special class and is bringing an assortment of locally grown fruits. This is a hands-on class and each student will bring home three jars of jams and jellies. Space is limited.

Instructor Kalen Kelekoma is a certified Hawaii Master Food Preserver and is the special programs manager with the Waipa Foundation on Kauai. Kalen runs the weekly Waipa Farmer’s Market, Thursday Poi Day and coordinates workshops, events and festivals for the foundation.

Date & Time: October 25, 2014 2:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m. Click for more info






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Sausage & Cornbread Salad

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Goat Cheese Caesar Salad with Roasted Tomatoes and Parmesan Crisp

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Lemon Basil Sherbet

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Why are the BEES dying? (Don’t we need those guys?)


Farmers’ Market News
October 8, 2014 – Vol. 6 Issue 38

Aloha FarmLovers-

Mahalo to the The Center for Food Safety for this message!

What’s All The Buzz About?

Many of the foods we need for healthy diets require bees for pollination, including many of our favorite fruits, vegetables and nuts. We have honey bees to thank for one out of every three bites of food we eat! But over the past decade we have witnessed alarming declines of honey bees. In fact, the number of managed honey bee colonies in the U.S. has dropped from over 5 million in 1940 to less than 2.5 million today. And while the honey bee is the primary pollinating species our food crops depend upon, native species of other bees and insects are also essential – without these species 70% of plants would be unable to reproduce or provide food. Unfortunately, these native pollinators are also in trouble. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service now lists nearly 40 pollinator species as threatened or endangered, and several more are currently being considered. It goes without saying that healthy bee populations are directly linked to our food security. But we don’t just need bees for food. Bees are also an indicator species – meaning their presence, absence, and well-being is indicative of the health of our environment as a whole. So the plight of the bees is our plight as well. Keep reading, please, and sign the petition to save the bees. Listen to Moby talk about bees!

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Time for CAKE, FREE Market Bucks & Booth Giveaways!


Farmers’ Market News
October 1, 2014 – Vol. 6 Issue 37

Aloha FarmLovers-

Come celebrate with us as we turn ONE!

It’s hard to believe a year has already passed since Kaka’ako Farmers’ Market opened for business at Ward Warehouse… but it is true! And because of all the fabulous farmers and foodies, musicians, non-profits, artists, our friends at Ward Village, and YOU it has become a fun gathering place where folks can shop, relax, have a bite to eat, enjoy live music and meet their neighbors every Saturday morning… all the while supporting small farmers and keeping their dollars in the local economy. Big mahalos! So I guess its time to PARTY! Please join us this Saturday October 4th for FREE Market Bucks Giveaway to the first 500 customers (swing by the Kakaako Farmers’ Market Booth across from the café); live Tahitian Performances from 9-11am; pick up free raffle tickets at the KFM booth, then register at your favorite booth for market giveaways every 15 minutes (from honey to flowers to fruits & veggies to cold drinks to sweet treats… and more!); and it wouldn’t be a FarmLovers Birthday Celebration without Waialua Estate Dark Chocolate Cake with Haupia and Kona Coffee Cream Cheese frosting, made by our adorable (and cancer-free!) Wendy of Waialua Sweets and Savory! So come early, bring a friend, and hug a farmer. See you there!

FarmLovers visiting Kaka’ako and KailuaTown Farmers’ Markets this weekend will have the opportunity to partake in some great local charcuterie! LINK is local artisan-handcrafted Grass-Fed beef sausages and salami. Also featuring locally sourced Pork Sausage and Bacon. From the Island for the Island … check them out!

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Click to Support New and Young Farmers

support young farmers

Farmers’ Market News
September 24, 2014 – Vol. 6 Issue 36

Aloha FarmLovers!

A word from our friends at Nourished Kitchen…


When I shop at the farmers market, or through our CSA, I know my money is supporting a local farm.  I know you value supporting family farms, too, which is why I wanted to reach out to ask you for your support for new and young farmers.

Small family farms are on the front lines, alleviating hunger, providing food security, and protecting the environment around the globe. But with a population of farmers that’s aging rapidly, it’s vital that we work to encourage more young people to consider agriculture as a profession.

And you can help. Read More

Hawaii’s Favorite Farmers’ Market!



Congratulations to Pearlridge Farmers’ Market… Hawaii’s FAVORITE Farmers’ Market in this year’s contest from American Farmland Trust. Thanks for buying from your local farmers, and thanks for supporting the market!

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