Hawaii’s Favorite Farmers’ Market!



Congratulations to Pearlridge Farmers’ Market… Hawaii’s FAVORITE Farmers’ Market in this year’s contest from American Farmland Trust. Thanks for buying from your local farmers, and thanks for supporting the market!

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Two fun ways to embrace sustainability


Farmers’ Market News
September 10,2014 – Vol. 6 Issue 34

Food and sustainability. Food and sustainability. What does that even mean? If you are into supporting the local small family farmers like us, then that means consuming more foods that are locally-grown in a way that is healthy for the environment and the community- meaning reducing synthetic chemical inputs, restoring the balance of the soil naturally, and growing a variety of crops that are naturally beneficial neighbors.  With nearly 90% of what we consume in Hawai’i coming from the mainland and around the globe, it is very important to create systems for change. This week you can be part of the conversation!The North Shore Food Summit is happening this Thursday and Friday, and walk-ins are welcome. Click here for the full schedule of events. This is a great way to learn about the challenges and solutions for all of Hawaii’s population in regard to how we call feed ourselves. This is the Second Annual NSFS and it has an amazing line-up of speakers. Don’t miss it!And this Monday, is  Hawaii Farmers’ Union United Potluck and membership meeting. Come enjoy great food, meet like-minded people, and find out what our politicians are doing to promote growing more food on our island. This month the meeting is in Waimanalo at Green Rows Farm. Click here for directions.

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Kvass, Kefir, and our friend Terry

Farmers’ Market News
August 27, 2014 – Vol. 6 Issue 34

Aloha FarmLovers!

Discover You Can
… learn to make Fermented Drinks!

The final installment of our three part series on fermentation happens this week at KailuaTown Farmers Market! Skya Boudousquie of Spoonful of Paradise will be teaching how to make live-fermented beverages. Beet kvass, made from locally grown beets, is an amazing liver cleanser and blood tonic. Coconut water kefir, made from local fresh young coconuts, is full of probiotics and quite delicious! He will also demonstrate how the FoodSaver system can be used to keep locally grown coffee beans and macadamia nuts fresh. And in case you missed his demo on Pickled Pineapple Spears… check it out below. Big mahalos to the fine folks at Jardin, makers of Ball Jars and FoodSaver for selecting FarmLovers for the grant to make these demos possible!

Live Pickled Pineapple Spears
Terry from Circle C Ranch

Terry (left), his wife, Cathy (right) and his sister-in-law Cindy (center) goofing it up at the KailuaTown Farmers’ Market

These past several weeks, those of you visiting Kakaako & KailuaTown Farmers’ Markets have noticed the absence of Circle C Ranch. Terry was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer in the past months, and it is with a sad heart that we inform you of the passing of our friend and fabulous vendor, this past Thursday afternoon.  We could always count on Terry’s sly smile and smart-alec sense of humor to brighten our day. He will be missed. Please send some love to his wife Cathy, as she deals with this unexpected turn of events.


We are happy that our new FarmLoversMarkets.com website is now up and ready for you to play with! We hope it is more functional and easier to interact with. Enjoy! Thanks, Hadley!

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Farm to Cafeteria… let’s dream big!

Farmers’ Market News
August 20, 2014 – Vol. 6 Issue 33

Aloha FarmLovers!

We found this great article about a high school in Oregon that offers a “a full circle agriculture education experience” and we just have to share it with you! Here in Hawaii there are legislators working to create bills that would create opportunities for more local food in our schools. We will keep you updated as we get closer to the new legislative session, so you can show your support. In the meantime… can you imagine something as awesome and educational as this??

Students Go Whole Hog with Farm-to-Cafeteria Cooking

by Kerry Newbury, for CivilEats.com

At 7:15 on a Friday morning in a large, culinary classroom at Bend High School, 25 energetic students dressed in crisp, white chef coats begin breaking down two half hogs. Over the next two hours, working in teams, the students will separate the animals into primal cuts – shoulder, loin, belly, and leg – and then into smaller cuts. “The kids can now visualize where their meat comes from,” says Molly Ziegler, the culinary teacher at Bend High School, “and they are learning how to utilize lesser known cuts, or cuts that would often get tossed.” After class today, the students collected bones with tiny scraps of meat to make a simple soup base. “I just took it off the heat,” says Ziegler. “It’s been simmering all day.” continue reading

PLEASE VOTE for Your Favorite Farmers’ Market!

It is that time of year again, When American Farmland Trust asks you “Who do you love!?” We appreciate you casting your votes for America’s Favorite Farmers’ Market for our FarmLovers Markets! They also ask you to state about how much you plan to spend at the market this week… there is no way for them to know whether you went over or under… they just want to get an idea of how much folks spend at the markets.

Click your favorite market below and MAHALO! And if you clicked last week… no problem you can do it again!

Haleiwa Farmers’ Market (Thursday 3-7)
Pearlridge Farmers’ Market (Saturday 8-12)
Kakaako Farmers’ Market (Saturday 8-12)
KailuaTown Farmers’ Market (Sunday 8:30-12)

 for information on the 4000 parking spaces available for Kaka’ako Farmers’ Market & the Ward Warehouse click here.

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Time to CELEBRATE… Let Them Eat Cake!

Farmers’ Market News
August 13, 2014 – Vol. 6 Issue 32

Aloha FarmLovers-

We can hardly believe it… but Pearlridge Farmers’ Market celebrates its’ 1st Birthday this weekend! We have had 52 fabulous farmers markets, filled with amazingly loyal MarketLovers, and fabulous Vendors. We thank you for making PRFM a part of your Saturday, and supporting the small family farmers who come week after week to make sure you have the freshest most delicious locally grown goodness to serve your friends and families.

Join us for scrumptious Chocolate Haupia Birthday Cake with Waialua Estate Coffee Cream Cheese Frosting – Thanks Wendy, and Waialua Sweets & Savory!! Have some fun in Keiki Korner! AND!… Pearlridge Center is pleased to give away one (1) sheet of U.S. Postal Service farmers’ market stamps to the first 250 customers who shop at five (5) different market vendors and complete a birthday passport this Saturday. To participate, swing by the RevoluSun Booth when you arrive to pick up your free passport. As you shop make sure you get a stamp! Once you’ve shopped with five vendors, bring your passport back to RevoluSun! Available while supplies last.

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